If you wish to give stock gifts to Wiregrass Ministries by electronic transfer, please give your broker/advisor information for one of the accounts below.

Custodian: Charles Schwab
Advisor: CapSouth Partners
Name: Wiregrass Ministries, Inc.
Account #: 2978-3815
DTC: 0164

Custodian: Edward Jones
Name: Wiregrass Ministries, Inc.
Account # 32223331-1-8
DTC: 0057

The mailing address for donations is P.O. Box 1601 Dothan, Al 36302. If your broker needs any information from us, please have them contact Powell Grisham at (423) 774-6177.

For us to give you proper credit for your contribution, please notify us of the number of shares and the name(s) of the stock(s) you are transferring. You can email this information to Powell Grisham at All funds received will be designated to the general operating fund unless otherwise specified. Your gift will be acknowledged on your annual contribution statement.

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