Because Jesus is FOR everyone, we want to be a community of people who are FOR everyone- FOR our schools, children, families, businesses, those in need, our community. 



Wiregrass Church isn’t just a building with Sunday morning services. It’s who we are as a body of believers, going after our community with the love and hope of Jesus.

Because of this, we are choosing to partner with several organizations. We are committing to doing everything we can to come alongside and be FOR these organizations who are making a great impact in our community.

Wiregrass FOR Partners


HIS Prison Ministries

HPM’s vision is to share the love of God, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to express the meaning of faith, and to show the power of prayer. HPM provides a link between the community and persons confined in correctional institutions in order to prepare said persons for re-entry into society and to serve the families of persons confined in correctional institutions.

Time Youth Dothan

Time Youth Dothan’s mission, purpose, and promise is to help raise up youth to become productive citizens and leaders in the community.


PACE’s mission is to promote America’s foundation that all men and women are created equal.

Love In Action

Love In Action’s mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of compassion and to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who make disciples.

The Exchange Center

The Exchange Center’s mission is to empower families to create a safe and nurturing environment at home.

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope’s mission is to foster hope by sharing Christ’s love with foster families and children of the Wiregrass.

Beverlye Intermediate School for the Arts

Beverlye Intermediate School for the Arts’ mission is to empower all students for the choices and challenges of the 21st century.

Wiregrass Hope Group

Wiregrass Hope Group’s mission is to share the hope of Jesus Christ, to promote human life, and to care for people through pregnancy resources,  biblical counseling, and relationship education.