While most people believe in heaven, most aren't sure what it will be like.

Forever - Feb 4, 2018

Andy Bedford

While most people believe in heaven, most aren’t sure what it will be like. God doesn’t want us to be unclear about this because when heaven is trivialized, our lives are marginalized. In this message, we hear what heaven will be like and why it matters today.

ROI - Feb 11, 2018

Adam Roberson

There’s only one place in the Bible where God asks us to test Him. It’s a specific invitation and command. Understanding and applying this command will prove to be the greatest investment you will ever make.

For Not From - Feb 18, 2018

Adam Roberson

The Church doesn’t want something from you. We want something for you. We want you to experience financial freedom. More importantly, that’s what your Heavenly Father wants as well. When you experience financial freedom, it not only helps your life today. It frees you up to impact future generations in your own family and beyond. Financial freedom is timeless.