How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy

The truth is, we all have the potential to be our own worst enemy. In this series, Andy Stanley shares three practical principles that can help us avoid becoming our own worst enemy.

Pay Attention! - Nov 8, 2020

Andy Stanley

Pay attention to the tension. As soon as you start selling yourself on anything, you should hit pause. We rarely have to sell ourselves on a good idea.

Pay Attention to Your Narratives - Nov 15, 2020

Andy Stanley

Isn’t it strange how we have conversations with ourselves? So often the conversation goes, “I really should, or I really shouldn’t. I ought to, or I better not.” If you’re a materialist and believe all there is in life is just matter and no god, for you there is no self.

Listen - Nov 22, 2020

Andy Stanley

All of us had times in our lives when we have listened to the wrong voices and tuned out the voice of God. Maybe you’ve made some decisions that you wish you can unmake. We tend to look for loopholes that speak for our actions. Don’t talk yourself out of what God has called you into.