Honest To God

If you want to be honest to God, you have to be honest to yourself.

Full Disclosure Agreement - Nov 12, 2017

Clay Scroggins

Most people are mostly honest with themselves. Unfortunately, relationships that are mostly honest are mildly healthy. Our most healthy relationships are our most honest relationships. Is God okay with full honesty? In this message, Clay unpacks an overview of King David’s collection of Psalms to discover that God doesn’t just tolerate our honesty, he celebrates it.

When Doubts Swirl - Nov 19, 2017

Clay Scroggins

When it comes to God and faith, everyone has doubts. Too often, those doubts rob us of the potential for a relationship with God. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, your doubt can be a bridge to deeper relationship.

Guilt Trip - Nov 26, 2017

Clay Scroggins

When we fail to measure up to God’s standards, it can drive a wedge in our relationship with him. Resolving the guilt we feel when we think we have disappointing God is simpler than we believe. It requires honesty.