Address The Mess

Whether we’re religious or not, we’ve all made some messes along the way. We’ve all thought, My life is a mess. So, let’s talk about it.

Easter 2017

On Easter, we don’t celebrate a collection of teachings. We don’t celebrate an idea. We celebrate an event . . . an event in history that changed history.

Bad Boys Of Easter

In the days and weeks preceding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, three men found their way into the story. Each refused to abandon his quest for control and surrender to the Savior of the world. How can we avoid the mistakes they made?


Ever feel like something’s missing? We know deep down there is a separation between us and God. We try to bridge the gap with good behavior. We follow guidelines. We sacrifice. We do everything within our power to feel reconciled. That’s religion, and it doesn’t work. So, if religion doesn’t work, what does?

Tough As Nails

Uncertainty is unavoidable. Being fearful is optional.

Wish You Were Here

Whether it’s your health, your relationships, your finances, or your faith, there’s an area of your life in which you can’t seem to make progress. But what if there was a way to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Light of the World

Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year because of what’s happening but because of what happened.

Invitation of a Lifetime

You have the power to change the trajectory of someone’s entire life. All it takes is an invitation.

I Owe Who

Gratitude isn’t just an emotion. It’s relational. It’s not enough to feel grateful. You have to express your gratitude.