Holy Week, a name we give to the week leading up to Easter. As followers of Jesus the events leading up to the resurrection are crucial to our faith. So to celebrate the importance of what this week means, we want you to journey through Holy Week by viewing it through multiple eyewitness perspectives.

Our hope is that this week will be a special week for you spiritually as we remember and celebrate all that Jesus did for us!


MARCH 24, 2024

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode a donkey down the Mount of Olives. This episode describes this event from the viewpoint of the donkey's owner who had the special opportunity to meet the Lord's need.

Scripture References: Matthew 21:1-9; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:28-41; John 12:9-16


MARCH 25, 2024

Lazarus tells of seven miraculous signs of Jesus. Lazarus became the last of those signs when Jesus raised him from the dead.

Scripture References: John 2:1-11, John 4:46-50, John 5:1-5, John 6:5-14, John 9:1-7, John 11:11-45


MARCH 26, 2024

Andrew describes his life as being almost an insider and almost an outsider. He tells of Jesus’ triumphal entry and prophecies, as well as the widow’s two coins. The basis for this episode is Luke 19, 20 and 21.

Scripture References: Luke 19: 29-44, Luke 20: 1-26, Luke 21: 1-7, Matthew 21: 1-27, Matthew 22: 15-22, Matthew 24: 1-3, Mark 11: 1-33, Mark 12: 13-44, Mark 13: 1-4, John 12: 12-19


MARCH 27, 2024

Judas Iscariot tells of his early ministry with Jesus. He also describes dinner at the house of a Pharisee, the healing of the man with swelling, and counting the cost of being a disciple of Jesus. The basis for this episode is Luke 14.

Scripture References: Luke 14: 1-33


MARCH 28, 2024

Philip tells of the Last Supper, and gives his take on the famous parable of the Vine and Branches.

Scripture References: John 13-15


MARCH 29, 2024

Peter tells of the Last Supper, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, and his own denial of Jesus. Pilate describes the trials of Jesus, his final decision to allow Jesus to be crucified, and Jesus’ rapid death. The basis for this episode is Luke 22 and 23.

Scripture References: Luke 22: 7-62, Luke 23: 1-56, Matthew 26: 17-75, Matthew 27: 2-66, Mark 14: 12-72, Matthew 15: 1-47, John 14, John 15, John 16, John 17, John 18, John 19


MARCH 30, 2024

Joseph of Arimathea tells his view of the last day of the life of Jesus, and how he obtained the body and buried it.

Scripture References: Matthew 26-27, Mark 14-15, John 18-19


MARCH 31, 2024

Mary Magdalene tells of her experiences at the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. She explains why she was at the tomb after Jesus had risen.

Scripture References: Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, John 20:1-10