GroupLink is held twice a year (fall and spring) and is the perfect place to take that next step to get plugged into a small group at Wiregrass Church. Check out our events page for the next GroupLink.

If you have any questions, read the FAQ below.

Community Groups FAQ

Q: What kind of groups are there?

We believe sustained life change happens best in the context of community. In a small group, people study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don’t show up.

  • Married Groups – Comprised of married couples in the same stage of life (just married, couples without children, with children, and empty nesters) and area of town.
  • Men’s and Women’s Groups – Comprised of men and women that are same-gender groups.
  • College Groups – Comprised of students from college campuses. Each group is either all men or all women.

Q: How do I join a group?

You join a group by coming to GroupLink. GroupLink is a two-hour event where you come to connect with people in the same season of life to form a small group. It is the perfect place to take that next step of gaining true community within Wiregrass Church!

Q: What about childcare?

We reimburse, at a predetermined rate, for babysitters for each group meeting. For more info, and to be reimbursed, see the Child Care Assistance form.

Q: Where do groups meet?

Most of our groups meet Sunday night or Wednesday night. However, we do have some groups meeting at other times and on other nights of the week. Most groups prefer to take turns meeting in different members’ homes.

Q: How often do groups meet?

Most groups meet weekly. Some groups choose not to meet as regularly during the summer.

Q: How long does a group last?

Small groups initially commit to meet for eight weeks as a Starter Group. After those first eight weeks, the group members decide if they want to continue meeting together for an additional 10 – 16 months, for a total of 18-24 months.

Q: How long does a meeting last?

About two hours.

Q: What goes on at meeting?

Many groups have a social time in the beginning, then they transition to a time where they discuss the sermon or other content and pray for each other.

Q: What does it mean when a group ends or multiples?

During the term of the group, the group leader will train an apprentice to be the leader of the next group. At the end of the group, the leader will take some from the current group, and the apprentice (after becoming an approved leader) will others from the group. Then, they will both add more members to their respective new groups, therefore allowing others to join groups with seasoned leaders.

Q: What do groups study?

Most of our groups go through material based on the Sunday sermons. If a group is in agreement that they all need to study a specific topic other than the sermon, they can contact the Group’s Director (a staff member who guides the group) for suggestions.

Q: Are there co-ed groups?

Our only co-ed group, is the married couples group.