Because kids and teens should love church.


Waumba Land

An environment designed with children ages six weeks–Pre-K in mind.

Parenting is an important job!
You want to get it right and raise great kids. We want to help!

Waumba Land focuses on teaching about God in a fun and engaging way. Your preschooler can plan on lots of singing, dancing, and learning every week.

We have a plan to help every child discover God, no matter their age!
Your child will learn:

  1. God MADE me.
  2. God LOVES me.
  3. Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

Bring your child to Waumba Land at 9:30 AM or 11:00 AM.


An environment designed with your elementary-aged student in mind.

We know you wonder, "Am I doing this right?" We love partnering with parents to raise great kids.

  • Bring your child to UpStreet at 9:30 AM or 11:00 AM
  • Talk about what your kids are learning at home. Here’s how.


Transit is a Sunday worship environment specially tailored to help middle schoolers sort it all out. Join us Sundays at 11:00am in The Attic.


InsideOut is a place for high school students where relationships and positive influences last longer and go deeper than you may have ever thought possible. Join us Sundays at 11:00am.

Email any questions to slucas@wiregrasschurch.org. Follow us on Instagram for more updates @wiregrass_students


As a parent, you matter

Each Sunday, we get a chance to teach your child about God’s Big Ideas. But we know one hour a week just isn’t enough!

That’s why we believe what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. You will have more influence and more time with your kids throughout their lifetimes than we ever could.

It’s our goal to be your biggest fans and strongest supporters as you lead your kids. We want to partner with you in this great adventure called parenting.