About Us

Our vision is to create a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our vision is to create a church unchurched people love to attend.

Aren’t sure you believe in Jesus but you want to know more? Perfect. We started this church for you.

Our Beliefs

Every organization and every church has a culture.

Here are the six values we want to describe and prescribe the culture we create at Wiregrass Church, along with a set of questions we ask to ensure we’re personally embracing the values.

Biblical Authority
Are your priorities consistent with scripture?

Intimacy with God
Is your relationship with God growing?

Relevant Environments
Are your environments appealing, engaging, and helpful?

Relational Evangelism
In whom are you investing?

Authentic Community
Are you in a community group?

Strategic Service
Where are you serving?

Office Management

Troy Fountain, Senior Pastor of Wiregrass Ministries – [email protected]

Holly Hammer, Office Manager – [email protected]

Lee Ann Taylor, Communications Director – [email protected]

Clint Asselin, Director of Facilities – [email protected]

Lori Asselin, Assistant to Facilities Director – [email protected]

Adult and Family Ministry

Adam Roberson, Dothan Campus Pastor – [email protected]

Brett Hemphill, Director of Care – [email protected]

Harriet Faulk, Asst. Director of Care – [email protected]

Andy Bedford, Director of Students – [email protected]

Kessler Patillo, Director of Wiregrass Kids – [email protected]

Garrett Hughes, Wiregrass Kids Large Group Director – [email protected]

Allyson Strickland, UpStreet Groups Director – [email protected]

Kelly Hobbs, Dir. of Kids Resources and Missions – [email protected]

Mary Lisa McCarthy, Director of Guest Services – [email protected]

Service Programming and Administration

Richie Morton, Executive Director of Ministry Services – [email protected]

Sonya Baldwin, Dir. of Administration – [email protected]

Jacob Patillo, Music & Lighting Director – [email protected]

Steven Ozbun, Production Director – [email protected]

Caleb Peacock, Production Assistant [email protected]

Bainbridge Campus

Laddie DeRocco, Bainbridge Campus Pastor – [email protected]